Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Johanna Basford

Johanna is to me a creative gem.

She creates Inky, hand-drawn Illustrations mainly in her signature monochrome pallette. They are striking, bold, intricate and really all round fabulous.

She has created designs and surface patterns for everything from ceramics to bedlinen, packaging, wallpaper and even catwalk fashion. There isn't anything she can't put a hand to and is certainly an inspiration to any creative soul. Below are just a few snippets of things she has created but I would go see for yourself.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Custom - Made

Hello on a friday afternoon.

I went to the we make London fair on saturday at the chelsea town hall and found some marvelous things, which over time I will share but for today I am sharing Custom made. They create all sorts of trinkets such as Jewellery and accessories from vintage bits and bobs and new mixed together, lovely stuff.

Sneek peak:

Red rose necklace

Tiny postcard necklace

Tweet Tweet brooches

How yummy? VERY YUMMY.

Enjoy x

Miss KT xx

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Alicia

London based Textile designer A Alicia makes stunning pieces of statemental fashion accessories using felt, netting and an array of beautiful fabrics. They often take on a floral or geometric pattern and certainly are different to look at.

Each petal or bow is sewn by hand, making each piece both unique and gorgeous. I have the pleasure in owning one and I love it, it is a statement accessory which is guaranteed to get a comment. Also having met Alicia herself she is as lovely as the treats she creates.

Fold one

Metallic mix

Giant coral pink

Giant Midnight black

These are her clusters of blossoms, they are absolutely fantastic, You just want to touch them or eat them. Well I do anyway.
There is some fabulous work on her website:

Miss KT xx

Friday, December 4, 2009

Once upon a time x

Very cool website packed like a sandwich full of beautiful Australian Illustrations and artists work, even the banner is adorable..

Just a few examples of the treats you might find...

Bec Winnel.

Stunning images and some quirky finds if you look carefully... she uses a soft touch giving the Illustrations an ethereal feel.

Tabitha Emma.


Whimsical drawings and cuteness, I especially love this tea cups one. I want the rose one x

Take a look, it will not disappoint. xx

Miss KT xx


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Belle and Boo, I love you.

How adorable are Belle and Boo x

Belle & Boo are made from a collection of artworks from the imagination of illustrator Mandy Sutcliffe who studied at Leeds Metropolitan University.

They are two of Mandy’s favourite characters. Belle with her bobbed hair, bright eyes and her love of vintage clothing and Boo who is her adorable rabbit companion who travelled with Belle through all their fantasy lands and wonderful trips. Looking through her work fills you with a nostalgic feeling of warmth and cuteness.

Beautiful Illustrations, magnets, tags, bags, wrap and so much more. Very whimsical and cute drawings full of sweet sentiments and happy people.
I would recommend a look to anyone xx

Friday, November 20, 2009

Lovely lovely fabric.

I was very excited when I stumbled across a fabric shop on Berwick st in London and found this delicious fabric. It feels like hessian to touch and the colours are so vivid. So far I have only made this set from it which were especially for a friend but I had to share the Kitsch-ness , I just want to eat them up! I will be making lots more from it and they shall be up on etsy soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Miss KT XX

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Indie Quarter

Oh my goodness. If you are like me and are forever stumbling across blogs you fall in love with and then you find one that makes you want to scream, if you love to get lost in a forest of artists and crafters then this is a blog you will love. It is full to the brim of clicking heaven but I will warn you, you will lose your footing in this forest.


Just one of many many treats I discovered is this little online boutique called Betsey - Loves. Also full of cute vintage finds and just as they say '' one of a kind's''.


Miss KT x

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mr James Hamilton Butler

Today I want to share with you this fantastic Illustrator, Mr James Hamilton Butler.....
He teaches at LCF where I once studied, I just love his work. The colours, shapes and typography are fabulous and are right up my street! I love how it looks like it flows into each other and melts onto the surface. Very cool x


I highly recommend a look, it's a great website with lots of yummy treats to look at xx

xx Miss KT xx

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saturday finds... BANG BANG.


Situated on 9 Berwick street, London. Nearest tube: Tottenham court rd or Oxford circus.

This cute eclectic clothing exchange store holds vintage treasures galore. Awesome jewellery and fabulous dresses... great for an delicious unique item or something to jazz up an outfit. Plus the staff are really helpful and they play good tunes x

Plus opposite the shop on a saturday there is a market selling cheap fabrics and allsorts... grab yourself a bargain and enjoy! I shall be checking out the city of Bristol next weekend, I wonder what delights we might find there. xx

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mini Shizzles x

So I am thinking about selling some of my Illustrations on etsy, here are a few examples of what I might like to use...

They look good in box frames because they are 3d although I am trying to photograph them at the moment which is proving to be hard with the light... I am going to make some really 3d ones which i think will be fun!

They are what I like to call my 3d eclectic shizzles or mini shizzles, a mixture of vintage buttons, stamps, old bits from postcards and books and some little mini lovesticks that I am obsessed with drawing.. you will see more those in other places xx

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hi there, hi.

Welcome to the wonderful land of shiztastic,

I am Miss KT and I'm a human magpie, if I were a bird I would live in a nest the size of the moon. I love to collect, mix and stick to create handmade eclectic shiz. I love old found things yet I wish they could tell us their story, where they have been and what they have seen. Using these found things I mix it up with a variety of materials to make a shiztastical item...whether it be jewellery, an illustration or a giftcard I am sure you will find something to love or love to give x

I dream of the day I quit the day job... traveling the world, collecting and making shiz from anywhere and everywhere.

I wanted to start blogging to share the things I find, every day I come across something beautiful, cute, funny or just interesting and I am sure other people will like what I find..

Enjoy and have a fabulous day full of Shiz xxx

Miss KT X