Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hi there, hi.

Welcome to the wonderful land of shiztastic,

I am Miss KT and I'm a human magpie, if I were a bird I would live in a nest the size of the moon. I love to collect, mix and stick to create handmade eclectic shiz. I love old found things yet I wish they could tell us their story, where they have been and what they have seen. Using these found things I mix it up with a variety of materials to make a shiztastical item...whether it be jewellery, an illustration or a giftcard I am sure you will find something to love or love to give x

I dream of the day I quit the day job... traveling the world, collecting and making shiz from anywhere and everywhere.

I wanted to start blogging to share the things I find, every day I come across something beautiful, cute, funny or just interesting and I am sure other people will like what I find..

Enjoy and have a fabulous day full of Shiz xxx

Miss KT X

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