Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cake pops!

I decided I wanted to have cake pops at our wedding as they are just too cute for words, for anyone who hasn't yet seen or eaten one they are the best thing, EVER. Basically a small ball of cake covered in coloured sugary goodness on the top of a Lollypop stick. I asked my bro Nick if he thought he could create such a thing and that he did... here is how they turned out:

Mel stealing them...

He did me proud, they were just what I imagined.... awesome colour combos with clashing hearts and confetti and all sorts of crazyness. Love that they aren't perfect either, I think it adds to their charm. x

I could so eat one of these right now... but they are the sweetest thing you have ever eaten! Nick is based in Wangaratta, Australia but is open for cake pop orders...email me if keen..

Lots of Love,

K-T x

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