Monday, January 16, 2012

The Dee English summer party..

Before I begin a new year I feel I owe it to 2011 to look back first. After all I got married and moved from London to Australia so I am going to share a few crafty and visual highlights...

These are a visual snippet of the wedding, I had to share as I still LOVE the styling. As you can see we did the whole vintage crockery, Bunting, English summer Garden party thing... mum grew all the flowers and they looked wild and gorgeous. We spent a year collecting crockery which I had to leave with mum [boo] but slowly I will get it back! We filled teacups and jugs and glassware with flowers and it looked so cute, they stayed alive for a week. [lemonade is the tip.] We had a hand built [thanks pops] photobooth with box of props which was awesome fun.

Dee English summer party..

These beautiful photos were taken by the very talented Trina Wright, she was excellent and really captured the day perfectly. Please take a look at her website:

Lots love xxx

K-T Dee x

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