Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Deer Little Fawn

Deer Little Fawn is a blog by a dear friend of mine who resides in Brighton, UK.

We met on a silver smithing course 6 years ago and were always in trouble for chatting and not getting our projects done! We have been friends since and we share a love for all things quirky and creative.. such as vintage attire, tea cups, roses, postcards, hearts, bunting and polka dots to name just a few.

She makes an array of gorgeous crafty snacks and showcases plenty of others....

I love looking on here to see what see has been upto and the lovely things she finds and makes. I bet you will love it too... xx

Check out her awesome blog at:



Miss K-T x

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  1. hellooo i am now following ur lovely blog because u obviously have exceedingly good taste ^_^ keep up the good work!