Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Julie Verhoven

Hello... it's hump day!

I thought it was about time I wrote about some of my inspirations and one of my favourite fashion Illustrators is Julie Verhoven. For anyone who hasn't seen any of her stuff you need to, its quirky, colourful and delicious to the eye in every way.

She is wonderfully eccentric and you can see this in her work, the vivid splashes of colour and striking designs are a wonder to look at. It all has a very 70's feel and they are clearly a big inspiration to her and possibly what draws me to her as I love 70's colour and design.

Her signature melancholic doll-faced girls and technicolour palette have appeared in endless fashion magazines and books and on designs for luxury houses including Louis Vuitton, Mulberry and Versace. She is London based but has travelled all over the world making things and spaces look fantastically 'Verhoven'.

There is so much out there to look at and gawk at! I could jump into her world and flounce around in the colours.

Her website is:


Hope you enjoy her as much as I do.

Lots of love,

Miss K-T x

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