Friday, February 17, 2012

Nina van de Goor

I came across this fabulous Etsy seller the other day and just fell in love with everything. Think Folk, think vintage ceramics teamed with a modern twist of bright colours in bunting and polka dots! Seriously adorable and gorgeously styled. It reminds me of a company I used to be dressed in as a kid, Clothkits.. I will blog about that soon!

She is into ceramics, both making and collecting. She also likes to make collages, screenprints and clothes. [omg clothes..... where?!!]

Check out just a glimpse of what she makes, you will be in love too.

I want it all!! Super cute and quirky, all my favourite imagery.... tea parties and florals. LOVE.

You can find her on etsy


Lots of love,

Miss K-T x

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