Saturday, March 31, 2012

Op Shop treats...

Hi Hi,

I am thinking about making this a weekly post... seeing as I am always buying things in op-shops [despite having no money!] I cannot help it, any of you that know me know this is an obsession that began a long time ago. I LOVE It. I love getting a bargain and buying something that has already lived a life...

I was recently in Melbourne and beyond with my family, we went to some very small towns 3 hours north of Melbourne such as Bright and Beechworth. I got some AMAZING things in op shops there... just too good.

Here are some pictures of the treats I got [not including the clothes.. a bag full for $5. OMG.] Just wanted to share this!

I got vintage fabric pillowcases, old playing cards, old birthday and wedding cards, plastic hair clips, doily's, embroidery hoop,  Golden Hands book... just gorgeous little treats that I can't wait to make into things! Watch this space. x


Miss K-T xx

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love Vintage

Sydney Fair 2012

I went to this fabulous fair at the weekend with my wonderful mum. It was a scorching day in Sydney so we went happily into the air con and rummaged through the gorgeous Vintage attire. It was just like old times for us [we currently don't live in the same country!] We shopped and haggled and generally had a good time!

Just a snippet of the photos I took on the day, there was gorgeous fabric and colour everywhere... not to mention to extreme efforts that some people had gone to in their fashion, it was AMAZING. x

There were some fabulous items, I could of spent a fortune! There was fashion, bags, homewares, textiles, books, fabrics, trinkets and many bargains to be had.

I came away with a tapestry bag, earrings, old children's books, a tea cup set
[obviously], lace doiley's and napkins and plenty ideas and inspiration. I tried on some dresses, gorgeous but the boobs as usual didn't want to fit... he he x

Also there were Fashion shows and talks on allsorts from Burlesque to 'How to collect and wear Vintage'. We watched a show on British fashion through the decades.. it was great fun!

A few of the stands I liked in particular were: [ I loved them all! Not all are online..]

My 50's closet.


Circa Vintage Hats

This fabulous lady Candice De Ville talked about her Vintage story and how she became a collector and lover. It was wonderful, inspiring and funny. I would recommend a visit to her website! She says the 3 things that Vintage shouldn't do are as follows:

''It shouldn't age you, it shouldn't make you look broke and it should never make you look crazy!'' Candice De ville. 2012.

Find more details on the event and future events here.


Miss K-T x

Monday, March 26, 2012

Shelly beach

What a gorgeous beach in Manly.. Very cute little spot. I feel like I am on holiday.

So pretty.


Miss KT x

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Party Poppers.

I don't think any words are needed.....

And no, I am not naked.


Miss K-T x

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vintage Map Dresses by Annex.

I came across this fabulous girl who turns vintage maps into life-size dresses and accessories. If you love maps and dresses then you can't look away.

Unique in every way, handcrafted to perfection. Hang them on the wall to remind you of a destination full of memories... do as you please with one. It would be fab if they could be worn... maybe they could?!

I have a personal soft spots for old maps, I love the fading colours and the memories they must hold. In this age of maps on phones I think these are a reminder of how precious paper can be.

Check out her full collection here.


Miss K-T x