Saturday, March 31, 2012

Op Shop treats...

Hi Hi,

I am thinking about making this a weekly post... seeing as I am always buying things in op-shops [despite having no money!] I cannot help it, any of you that know me know this is an obsession that began a long time ago. I LOVE It. I love getting a bargain and buying something that has already lived a life...

I was recently in Melbourne and beyond with my family, we went to some very small towns 3 hours north of Melbourne such as Bright and Beechworth. I got some AMAZING things in op shops there... just too good.

Here are some pictures of the treats I got [not including the clothes.. a bag full for $5. OMG.] Just wanted to share this!

I got vintage fabric pillowcases, old playing cards, old birthday and wedding cards, plastic hair clips, doily's, embroidery hoop,  Golden Hands book... just gorgeous little treats that I can't wait to make into things! Watch this space. x


Miss K-T xx


  1. Golden Hands? I'm intrigued


  2. It is a very old sewing/knitting/crochet magazine... it's amazing, so retro! Lots of hilarious poses and very blunt fringes. You should track one down, great for patterns and just some visual inspiration for your next project! x