Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spruce Your Home - Upholstery Heaven

Today I am sharing with you one my favourite Etsy shops, Spruceyourhome. As you may or may not know Upholstery is high on my lists of things to learn how to do. My dream is to one day print my own fabrics and then upholster things myself... but for now just finding and sourcing vintage fabrics to re-cover things will do! I am currently looking into evening courses in Sydney as the desire is very overwhelming at present!

Anyway, this shop makes the most beautiful things and is what I aspire to make one day.... they are just fabulous. Gorgeous Vintage prints and fabulous textures and contrasts. Ahh a treat.

Owner Amanda Brown combines her background in art and love for vintage decor to create updated furniture and soft furnishings that are sure to spruce your space.

Imagine just trawling for old furniture and giving it a new lease of life with a gorgeous fabric! DREAM.

Just look at these....


Miss K-T x

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vintage Tin! Oh Yes Please - Sushipotparts.

Was on Etsy [as usual] and these tin plates popped up and I am in LOVE. Look how cute, floral and bright they are! WANT.
They and the other visual treats are from a cute Vintage seller based in Kansas, America called Sushipotparts. Everything in there is fabulous, gorgeous and really well sourced. Th ephotography is amazing and the colours are jumping out of screen.

They sell everything from toy game parts, paper bits and illustrations but my favourite bits and the things that seem really special are the Tin things they have.... just delicious. Some are rusty and tainted but as usual that is their charm!

They also have a very cool blog, worth a read.....

I love the photos, they are so fab and just pop right out at you. Need to learn how to take photos like these!


Miss K-T x

Monday, April 23, 2012

Customisable Cushions!

It was Sunday when I wrote this and on sunday I like being cozy on the sofa with cushions! I have been playing with new fabrics and making some new cushions.. I thought I would share these with you as now it is Monday and I am sure you need something fun to look at!

The idea is that I am making lots of brooches so you can mix and match the colour/prints and patterns you would want on a cushion. I always loved the idea of customizing things how you want and I love to get the most out of stuff so these are 2 things in 1, cushions and brooches!

You can move it wherever you want and when you fancy wearing it, you can! There will be hearts, bows, corsetina's and pom poms... in allsorts of colours and fabrics.

My vision is in a shop to have a selection of the cushions with a basket full of cushion brooches that people could choose from and buy as many as they want!

Here is just a snippet of what I am upto.... In the making and playing process. FUN!

I hope you like them, I will post more pics when I have made a few more.... I am just trying to make a variety of the 'toppers' so that I can get them into my stockists with a variety of choice and make it all super cute.


Miss K-T x

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mini Eco - Brighten Your Day.

I wish on a Wednesday that I had thought of some of these genius and colourful ideas! Just gorgeous.... I am loving the chunky and vibrant colours and textures these pieces give... ultimately they are just really really FUN. I am loving the pencils so much right now.
I have recently discovered the lady behind these amazing things .. Kate Lilley from Mini Eco! She is a UK based designer who makes and designs AMAZING things and uses the brightest most fab gorgeous colours. I want to dive into the web page! Read more aboute her here.

So, as you may guess she likes to make stuff, she used to be a web designer before having kids so her eye for detail and photography is amazing. Obviously her website is pretty freaking cool too. Having kids has had huge a huge influence on what she does now, cool tutorials for crafting with kids and using materials up and being Eco with it all.

She has a book, the topics are as follows:  homemade materials, music, nature, recycling bin, paper and card, sewing and threading, science and boredom busters.

You can buy it here. They do free worldwide delivery, amazing!

I have a crush on everything below, I believe in a minute you will too. I apologise.

All images courtesy of


Miss K-T x

Monday, April 16, 2012

Apple's get cold too you know.

How yummy are these, such cute little cozy's to keep your apples warm! Made by Etsy shop owner Loops and Swoops.

They will provide shelter from the nasty things in your bag that might scratch, bruise and dent your apple [ this may only apply to me because I carry so much crap!] She says they can be for students, teachers or apple enthusiasts! I thought that was adorable. I do consider myself an apple enthusiast!

Will fit most common apples or oranges.....

She has even shared the pattern so that you can make your own which is pretty nice of her, thank you!

Pattern is here:
I want one.....

Too delicious.


Miss K-T x

Sunday, April 15, 2012

DIY- Eggshell Flower Cups

How cute are these Eggshell Flower Cups!

I wish I was like my mum, in many ways I am but so far I have not inherited her green fingers... maybe one day when we live in a house with a garden we can have our veggie patch and grow lots of lovely flowers. But surely these would survive..... I can't kill these, can I?

I found them here on a cute blog from a girl in Poland... via Craftgawker, one of my fave spots for DIY'S. You can always find something a bit different....

So these are easy peasy and so cute! All you do is wash the eggs, gently break them at the narrowest part of the egg. Empty contents [ make scrambled eggs!] rinse well inside, carefully. Then fill with cold water and pop in the spring flower of your choice!

She suggests violets, tiny pansies and forget-me-nots, I also think mini daisies would be very cute..

Look at the cuteness.

SO cute..... I am so making these, need white eggs though. Imagine all 6 back in the packaging full of flowers, GORGEOUS. Ooh this would be cute at a wedding, rustic and grassroots. Maybe for a couple who love eggs!


Miss K-T x

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Owl Know How - A picture Book

Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles are the amazing crafty and talented girls behind Owl Know How.

They are both artists in their own right, Cat is a Textile designer and Isobel is an animator. They have come together to collaborate on an AMAZING project ,an adorable book made that has been made from a totally handmade set of owls from the Owl factory and a whole heap of handmade-ness. It is so fabulous, I want a copy. I think I may actually want to live in Cloud Town......

You can even make your own owl that comes with the book [!!] and you can see how to make it here. Just so damn cute.

It is illustrated with gorgeous photos of very cute rabbits and fluffy, colourful owls all handmade out of felt in their cardboard city. Seriously does it get cuter?

''The story is about solving problems. Big problems that can only be solved with the help of owls. Cornelia Rabbit uses her owl-know-how to save her cloud city from falling into the treetops.'' I WANT TO READ IT!!

They currently have their launch exhibition on at No Vacancy Project Space. So if you are lucky and live in Melbourne you should check it out!

You can buy all-sorts of gorgeous Owl Know How goodness here.

I am in LOVE.

You will be too, if you aren't already.


Miss K-T x

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Adeline & Lumiere

For anyone who follows the Design Files, you will have seen the guest bloggers this week are Adeline & Lumiere. They specialise in food, wedding and children's portraiture photography.

I just had to share this lovely blog as it's styling, photography and the food itself looks beautiful.

I actually had a go at making the Chicken, leek and chorizo tart last night. It was delicious and very easy, not half as pretty as their's but I am not good with homemaking pastry! I can never seem to make enough to make the sides....Tasted great though, had a yummy salad on the side. Go have a look at their sites, you will not be disappointed.

I am now an avid follower and look forward to more gorgeous recipes to drool over and attempt.

Food is beautiful isn't it.... I know I am not alone in that thought x

Pictures courtesy of


Miss K-T x

Sunday, April 8, 2012

DIY Fun shaped fruit bouquets.

So it's Sunday and I have decided to make it my DIY day.. weather that be my mine or a genius idea I have seen elsewhere..

Today it is mine [well I saw something similar] and decided I had to make them for Easter Sunday dessert.. Fruit bouquets or kebabs if you like... very easy and super cute! They would also look fab in punch, sangria, fruit salad.. great for both kids and us childish adults who like fun shaped fruits! [WHO WOULDN'T LIKE FUN SHAPED FRUITS?!!]
All you need is...
  • Assorted fruits [I found melon the best, banana not so great..]
  • cookie cutters
  • vase/glass/even a potato hedgehog or flower oasis to stick them in.
  • kebab sticks
  • lemon/apple juice [ to keep it fresh while making them]
So, follow these pictures and make yourself a fab [and healthy] party treat! A massive bunch would look cute with ribbons....

What a fun way to display fruit... as you can see I used a mixture of stars, hearts, flowers and a Teapot! You can get AMAZING cookie cutters so think of all the shaped fruit bouquets you could make.. ooh the themes!

Have fun!

Miss K-T x