Sunday, April 15, 2012

DIY- Eggshell Flower Cups

How cute are these Eggshell Flower Cups!

I wish I was like my mum, in many ways I am but so far I have not inherited her green fingers... maybe one day when we live in a house with a garden we can have our veggie patch and grow lots of lovely flowers. But surely these would survive..... I can't kill these, can I?

I found them here on a cute blog from a girl in Poland... via Craftgawker, one of my fave spots for DIY'S. You can always find something a bit different....

So these are easy peasy and so cute! All you do is wash the eggs, gently break them at the narrowest part of the egg. Empty contents [ make scrambled eggs!] rinse well inside, carefully. Then fill with cold water and pop in the spring flower of your choice!

She suggests violets, tiny pansies and forget-me-nots, I also think mini daisies would be very cute..

Look at the cuteness.

SO cute..... I am so making these, need white eggs though. Imagine all 6 back in the packaging full of flowers, GORGEOUS. Ooh this would be cute at a wedding, rustic and grassroots. Maybe for a couple who love eggs!


Miss K-T x

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