Sunday, April 8, 2012

DIY Fun shaped fruit bouquets.

So it's Sunday and I have decided to make it my DIY day.. weather that be my mine or a genius idea I have seen elsewhere..

Today it is mine [well I saw something similar] and decided I had to make them for Easter Sunday dessert.. Fruit bouquets or kebabs if you like... very easy and super cute! They would also look fab in punch, sangria, fruit salad.. great for both kids and us childish adults who like fun shaped fruits! [WHO WOULDN'T LIKE FUN SHAPED FRUITS?!!]
All you need is...
  • Assorted fruits [I found melon the best, banana not so great..]
  • cookie cutters
  • vase/glass/even a potato hedgehog or flower oasis to stick them in.
  • kebab sticks
  • lemon/apple juice [ to keep it fresh while making them]
So, follow these pictures and make yourself a fab [and healthy] party treat! A massive bunch would look cute with ribbons....

What a fun way to display fruit... as you can see I used a mixture of stars, hearts, flowers and a Teapot! You can get AMAZING cookie cutters so think of all the shaped fruit bouquets you could make.. ooh the themes!

Have fun!

Miss K-T x


  1. coooolio...i always liked the concept of fruit bouquets I never even considered making my own (?!) cookie cutters! u blady genius!

  2. oh but another good use for cookie cutters.. put cling film or sumat tightly round the base of the cutter to make a lil bowl (i secured it with elastic), pour in melted choc - let set, add in whatever sweets or fruit or marshmallows or all of the above...cherries are good, pour on another layer of melted choc to hide the filling- let cool...done! eat..or give away ..personalized chocolate (bars/shapes) yee haw

  3. Ooh that is also genuis! I had so much fun and felt like a kid when I was playing.... I think there are lots of things to do with cookie cutters. I will have a go at what you said, sounds yum and fun! xx Thanks for coming by and saying hello! x