Sunday, April 1, 2012

Flower Bombing with Megan Morton

Flowers, wine and craft.... A day doesn't get much better really, does it? I feel like doing a florist course even more than I did before [ which is a lot anyway.]

Ok so yesterday I had the pleasure of making my very own Flower Bomb at Megan morton's launch of 'The School' with Holly Hipwell and lots of bloggers and creatives. You may remember I actually blogged about Holly and her flower bombs before so you can imagine how excited I was to make one [ I chose Pink and Red.. obvious I know but necessary.]

It was a really fun day and we got to see a snippet of how the school will be run, there are going to be lots of fun lessons to do including crafty ones and styling so it will be worth keeping an eye on. Also I got to meet some fab creatives including the lovely Tabitha Emma who has done all the graphics and Illustration for Megan's latest project.

There are some awesome people doing classes including Rachel Castle, Catherine Swan, Beattie Lanser, Kit Palaskas and many more... maybe even me at some point!

Now, picture time....

It was a great day and we all got a Pineapple to take home.... you can see my bomb is looking fab in craft corner! I am putting fizz onto the oasis as I was once told this helps to keep the flowers alive longer..... I wish it would stay this bright and beautiful forever. ♥


Miss K-T X


  1. I'm jealous! This looks like lots of fun. I love your flower bomb, good work! I miss you lady! xx

  2. Your flower bomb looks beautiful! It was so great to meet you! Hope to see you soon

    Holly x

  3. It was great to meet you too Holly, I love my bomb and it is still alive and well! I will be making more... will come and visit you soon! x

  4. Bethan you would have loved it.. you should have a go! I miss you too. I think we should start an international craft club?!! xx