Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hello I like you, Charley Harper.

So... I am trying to organise my blog and you will soon notice that each day will have it's own little thing going on. Today is Hello I like you! It will feature artists/designers and crafters I like and am inspired by... and anything else I may like. Let's see how they go anyway...

Today I decided to share my love for a wildlife artist, Charley harper who claimed his art to be minimal realism. Sadly no longer with us but has left his beautiful imprint on the world with his vibrant and eclectic drawings that are now on prints, posters and probably even tea towels. I actually own a colouring book on birds by him [ I know I am not a child but I really like the bird shapes!] I am sure you have seen his work somewhere without even knowing.

When asked to describe his style, Harper wrote: ''When I look at a wildlife or nature subject, I don't see the feathers in the wings, I just count the wings. I see exciting shapes, colour combinations, patterns, textures, fascinating behaviour and endless possibilities or making interesting pictures''

I think that is wonderful, honest and almost humble.

There is a real simplicity to his work that is just so captivating and beautiful. I love the birds and the posters especially. Even though they are simple, they are in no means 'simple' the details and colours and vibrancy is evident. His use of colour is so bright and eclectic, I think that's what draws me in so much being such a fan of colour myself!

Charles Harper had an incredibly successful career, both his wife, Edie and his son Brett are both artists and there work is also featured on this website. I couldn't begin to tell his story, but it is told very well and very beautifully here.

But I will share some of my favourite images:

All images © 2012 Estate of Charley Harper

I hope these have inspired you or have been a joy to look at. They make me feel happy and I think everyone needs a bit of Charles Harper in their life.


Miss K-T x

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