Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mini Eco - Brighten Your Day.

I wish on a Wednesday that I had thought of some of these genius and colourful ideas! Just gorgeous.... I am loving the chunky and vibrant colours and textures these pieces give... ultimately they are just really really FUN. I am loving the pencils so much right now.
I have recently discovered the lady behind these amazing things .. Kate Lilley from Mini Eco! She is a UK based designer who makes and designs AMAZING things and uses the brightest most fab gorgeous colours. I want to dive into the web page! Read more aboute her here.

So, as you may guess she likes to make stuff, she used to be a web designer before having kids so her eye for detail and photography is amazing. Obviously her website is pretty freaking cool too. Having kids has had huge a huge influence on what she does now, cool tutorials for crafting with kids and using materials up and being Eco with it all.

She has a book, the topics are as follows:  homemade materials, music, nature, recycling bin, paper and card, sewing and threading, science and boredom busters.

You can buy it here. They do free worldwide delivery, amazing!

I have a crush on everything below, I believe in a minute you will too. I apologise.

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Miss K-T x


  1. I love Minieco! The book looks great, definitely on my must-have list.

  2. I thought you would, the colours are so awesome and bright! x