Thursday, April 12, 2012

Owl Know How - A picture Book

Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles are the amazing crafty and talented girls behind Owl Know How.

They are both artists in their own right, Cat is a Textile designer and Isobel is an animator. They have come together to collaborate on an AMAZING project ,an adorable book made that has been made from a totally handmade set of owls from the Owl factory and a whole heap of handmade-ness. It is so fabulous, I want a copy. I think I may actually want to live in Cloud Town......

You can even make your own owl that comes with the book [!!] and you can see how to make it here. Just so damn cute.

It is illustrated with gorgeous photos of very cute rabbits and fluffy, colourful owls all handmade out of felt in their cardboard city. Seriously does it get cuter?

''The story is about solving problems. Big problems that can only be solved with the help of owls. Cornelia Rabbit uses her owl-know-how to save her cloud city from falling into the treetops.'' I WANT TO READ IT!!

They currently have their launch exhibition on at No Vacancy Project Space. So if you are lucky and live in Melbourne you should check it out!

You can buy all-sorts of gorgeous Owl Know How goodness here.

I am in LOVE.

You will be too, if you aren't already.


Miss K-T x

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  1. I am am in love with these creative and unique looking owls, I have just check out the designers page. Thank you for sharing:)