Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vintage Tin! Oh Yes Please - Sushipotparts.

Was on Etsy [as usual] and these tin plates popped up and I am in LOVE. Look how cute, floral and bright they are! WANT.
They and the other visual treats are from a cute Vintage seller based in Kansas, America called Sushipotparts. Everything in there is fabulous, gorgeous and really well sourced. Th ephotography is amazing and the colours are jumping out of screen.

They sell everything from toy game parts, paper bits and illustrations but my favourite bits and the things that seem really special are the Tin things they have.... just delicious. Some are rusty and tainted but as usual that is their charm!

They also have a very cool blog, worth a read.....

I love the photos, they are so fab and just pop right out at you. Need to learn how to take photos like these!


Miss K-T x

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