Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Wishing - Vintage & Nostalgia Co

Today I am wishing I could buy everything in this gorgeous online store!

It is Vintage &Nostalgia Co, run by Rob and Caroline. They love all things vintage and love getting nostalgic about the memories things hold and remembering a time when life was more simple.

They share their collection of original vintage items here! They sell allsorts from Homewares to science equipment. There are some wonderful things to look at and buy, I love all the packaging and Typography. I would like to deck out my house with a few things from here.... especially these Scientific Botanical wall sheets. Amazing.

They also have a blog... so you can keep up to date with what they are up to! Thye also love to hear from others about their vintage stories so drop them a line.

Just a few snippets of the treasures they sell....

There are some gorgeous treats on here, they clearly care very much about the things they collect and you can tell they source from some fabulous places, I love thinking about where things have come from and what they have seen. If only they could speak and tell us their story. It's fascinating.


Miss K-T x

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