Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Knots of colour - Elfina Design

Today I have come across this fab Etsy store, Elfina. She makes these awesome Knot necklaces that I just LOVE.

Her name is Cristina Olariu and she is an Architect based in Bucharest, Romania who loves knots!

She writes this about them in her shop:

''Knots are not only decorative but also used since ancient times by the Chinese to express good wishes like happiness, prosperity, love. Knots are generally associated with good luck and buddist monks believe that they keep the evil spirits away.'' I thought that was rather lovely..

I think it would be hard Knot to like them, [sorry I had to. x]

Aren't they lush?!

Think how fab these would look with a nice dress ot just a T-shirt and jeans combo.... and they 100% handmade which is what we like to hear! If this is what her jewellery looks like, imagine what the places she designs must look like?!


Miss K-T x


  1. love it! i want one of these hhi
    follow you now, follow back?

  2. I know they are so fab aren't they! I shall come and say hello indeed :) x