Monday, May 7, 2012

Strange Planet Animals And Sketchbook Stories - NEON ALERT

On a dreary Monday I like nothing more than to find something super bright and fun to make me smile, these amazingly crazy neon animals certainly did that!

The Etsy shop is called thegoodmachinery and these are called 'strangeplanet' and that they are! I love the use of eclectic quirky colours and can imagine a huge one as a sculpture. Amazing.

They are hand painted decorative figures, they custom make them to your order. The vibrancy is just incredible and would look so cool on a mantelpiece!

You have to love Etsy for bringing all this awesome handmade and gorgeous ness to us.

Prepare to be dazzled...

All works © 1911//THE GOOD MACHINERY 2012.

I hope these have brightened your day! They have inspired me, now where is that neon pink paint.....


Miss K-T x

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