Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stitchester - My upcoming Exhibition!

Hi-di hi,

I have had a slack week on here but my mind is brimming with creative thoughts! Since Etsy Success on Saturday [which i will blog about soon...] I have been so excited about all design and crafty things. Then I remembered I actually hadn't written on here about the fact that I have an exhibition coming up! My first solo one since University....

It is called' Stitchester' It is going to be a fabric village and has expanded from all the houses and trees I have been making.. there will be a high street and some shops! I am very excited about it and designing the artwork currently...

So far I have this little flyer that I made.... humble beginnings!!..... I knocked this up one one afternoon to hand out at the Show n sell market, it has it's own domain but there isn't anything else there as yet!

I am working on 2d and 3d Illustrations, drawings, collages as well as jewellery based around the shops... oh yeah it's going to be cute1 I am thinking brown lolly bags for sales....

I am thinking of making a huge house [me size!] for the window.... clouds and a sun! Here is the flyer and a few of my houses currently.. imagine loads, tiny to large, some cushions, some just soft fun.

I am currently designing the artwork for the poster and as soon as it is done I will share it here and would love anyone to help me promote it! xx

One of the main inspiration for this was initially the 80's TV show Rainbow, for anyone who hasn't seen this you need to. The intro is the best thing in the world and the music is to die for. See here. The show itself was hilarious but it is teh intro I adore, the colours and simple shapes and the 'twee' ness of it all.


Miss K-T x

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