Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Colette Bream - What shall we play today?

I have stumbled across this lovely Etsy shop today fed to me from my Etsy finds.. it's my favourite email to open each morning as you know something pretty awaits you!

The artist behind this fab new find is Colette Bream, based in America.

I just really love the shapes and knitted soft elements to her work, some of it is similar to what I like to create which is what I think has drawn me in, like the clouds and the fact that she likes to name things and give them faces and a character. She makes trees, balloons, rainclouds, houses and strange mushroom cushions. Mainly for kids... or anyone who likes soft home wares I say!

The photography is great and  the lighting makes everything look so soft and I just want to touch it all! The styling of her products is fabulous and something I aspire to do!

A lot of the cushions are made from a beautiful lambswool, so so soft. She is very talented and her work is so beautiful.

They are all handmade and made to order which makes them unique and special which I adore.

What great gifts for children.... or for yourself..... x


Miss K-T x

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