Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pomme de Jour - Bonjour!

Oh my word I have found the most amazing website, I literally have never wanted to buy more from one Etsy shop at once ever...

It is based in Perpignan, France and called Pomme de Jour which means Apple of the day [which is equally as adorable!] and she sells vintage french items which are just to die for. Bright,very 70's and just so beautiful.

She sells vintage wallpapers, fabrics, maison, cuisine, haberdashery and journals.. and they are all gorgeous. So beautifully chosen and photographed, you can tell she has chosen and sourced these items with a true love and passion, I wonder what is hidden in her cupboard?

It is like walking back in time to your Nan's house and rummaging through the cupboards, everything just makes me smile. One day I would like a house full of object da like this!

I think it is all especially sweet because the kids books and Illustrations are in French making it secret and special.

She also has a fab blog...

Just a snippet of some of the wares but you really have to see it to believe it.

Oh I want it alllllllll.If anyone is ever in need of finding me a gift basically anything from her AMAZING shop would eb a welcome treat!

Lots love,

Miss K-T x


  1. Merci buckets, what a lovely post about my cheerful wares, makes me very happy :)
    Thank you x

  2. You are very welcome, it made my day when I found it! I look forward to buying some bits someday xx