Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sconnie and Jam - Wooden Love! x

So my Tuesday wandering has led me to this cute Etsy shop..... Sconnie and Jam. They are the duo behind this great little label full of all sorts of things [ just what I like] but currently their Etsy store is full of fabulous lazer cut jewellery with whimsical cute designs like caravans and bunting and owls.

There are coffee cup earrings and chevron necklaces.... all very cool.  They also like to up cycle vintage pieces to new treasures....

You can find them on facebook too!

How darn cute are these colours, I also love the photographs, so lovely.

Enjoy, it has brightened up my day. x


Miss K-T x


  1. Love them! Sooo cute! Gonna go perve on their store right now! :) x

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