Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Lolly shop of Stitchester - Edible Fun. x


So I have been thinking a lot about what I am going to do after the exhibition finishes and I have decided I want to expand on Stitchester and the products as I believe there is a real chance for it to grow as it's own idea... I have always fancied making my own sweets as I love them and the packaging of sweets so much that it seems the perfect fit... There are some amazing moulds out there as well, today I have seen one for vintage buttons, how freaking cute would that be to have a little edible buttons to give as a gift!

And it all ties up with the ideas behind the village, you would visit there and buy a little treat.. maybe I could even order/make some stitchester rock! Arrgh what a cute idea. Yes I will do that.

It will be very twee, bright and whimsical with gorgeous 'English village' vibe. Think candies with a handmade touch, cute shapes and colours... Think ribbins and stripes and polka dots and of course above all HEARTS. I will share images as soon as I have made the first batch!

Here are a few sweet inspirations.....

Hope you enjoy the colours!

Miss K-T x


  1. oooh yaya go for it! I always wanted to make lollies! I made marshmallows last week! sooo sticky haha but they weren't to hard at all!

  2. Yay I know I am very excited.... I think it will be much messier than I imagine! x How did they turn out? x