Monday, September 24, 2012

Kit Kemp and the Crosby Street Hotel - SoHo New York

If you go to NYC I would highly recommend a visit to The Crosby Street Hotel in Soho. It is situated on a quiet cobbled street in the heart of the vibrant So Ho neighbourhood.

I went for breakfast on my 30th Birthday and it was was delicious but not pretentious and the setting was just perfect.

The whole place was decked out by interior Designer, Kit Kemp. Her and her husband Tim own the company, Firmdale hotels and own 7 in London and this one in New York. She does all the interiors, they are fresh vibrant and offer a unique hotel experience. The artwork is very cool and bright and bold....

They were perfectly happy for us to wander round and photograph and just look at stuff which was nice.. it felt like a gallery in places as all the things on the wall and in the lobby were artworks and crazy sculptures a like. It felt like someone's house, a very awesome house full of beautiful things, even the toilets were a pleasure to be in [ I can't speak for the men's].....

Here are a few photo's that don't do the space justice but you can see how fabulous it is.... so much colour and great Design everywhere.

Check out the pink chairs in toilets! LOVE. I wish my loo was that pretty.

Ah just looking at these I wish we were back there wandering around the surrounding streets, full of cool shops and cafe's... one day one day...

Miss K-T x


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