Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My 30th Gift from a Bestie. x

Hi hi!

Happy Wednesday!

I just had to share these images with you as my 30th gift from one of my best friends was related to the blog so I thought I should share it.. and it was a RAD and very awesome gift, well bag of gifts to be precise.

As you may or may not know we were lucky enough to spend our 30th's together, it is rare gift that two friends get to have back to back birthdays and it was lovely to spend it with her, as we are currently so far away from each other. BOO. Don't make me cry today I am hungover and delicate.

So..... what she did was make me a 'Birthday bag of inspiration' the bag it all came in is awesome enough, a selfridges Yellow initial bag.... it was full of pink streamers and a cute hand stamped tag.

It in were items from artists and designers I have blogged about..... how cool is that! Such a great idea. When I opened the fist item, a gorgeous mug from Belle and Boo, I said oh how funny I blogged about her once.... and it went one and I twigged and then it was like ooh what will be next! So I got as said a mug and card from Belle and Boo, An assortment of vintage things from Pomme de Jour, An wooden apple brooch from Sketch inc, A blue knotted necklace from Elfina, and a fabulous fat book by Charley Harper, that was the ultimate one... everything was wrapped beautifully in pink tissue paper and it was like pass the parcel. BUT ONLY I WOULD WIN!

All this was happening in Brooklyn Bridge park, a sweet little park under the bridge! Funny that . We had a lovely picnic looking back at NYC.

Thank you Lula for bag of fun and goregous things to wear and have. I love them all. x



So gorgeous, So fun and So Unique.
Thanks Lula. xx
Miss K-T x


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Table Tonic - Global Treasures for the Modern Bohemian

Hello Hello!

So after all the NYC posts I have been feeling a little deflated on the blog front, I will be sorting myself out and making a blogging regime to stick to! But for today I just thought I do a 'Shop Love' post.

Although I am actually yet to visit Table Tonic [ it is on my list of Road trips to do] I feel like I love it. It is run by Louise Bell,  former magazine director and self admitted 'decor junkie'. It is filled with beautifully sourced homewares, textiles, accessories both old and new from all over the world. It started as an online boutique and now has branched in to a fabulous looking retail store in Avalon.

Louise is huge fan of colour and boy does she know how to work with it, in style, decoration and food.... I follow her on Instagram and love her pics :)

 'Global treasures for the modem Bohemian' This inspiring sentence makes me want an alfresco dining area with Moroccan leather pouffes and lanterns! I mean as if I didn't want this before but now I know where I could shop for it at!

Actually I am really quite in LOVE with the pouffes, all the colours and I think a very affordable price, while is one of the aims for this shop, she wanted to make available handcrafted designs and high end decor at an affordable price which it seems she has done... so YAY!

So here are a few treats but I would highly recommend a goosey ganders online or visit the shop yourself!

Awesome BLOG too x

Road Trip?! Invite me!

The shop is located at

Shop 6
20 Avalon Parade

Miss K-T x

Monday, October 8, 2012

Spoonflower - My HQ Visit.

Spoonflower - Make your drawings/photo's/collages into Fabric and now wallpaper and wall decals too!

For those of you who haven't yet discovered the amazing world of Spoonflower then here is a treat for you.... My fabulous friend Kit told me I should check it out and I am so glad I did!

They were the first company to make it possible for individuals to create, print and sell their own fabrics. It is very simple to use and you don't have to be a tech head to understand how it works [ which helps me alot!] It puts the world of home decoration at your fingertips and makes it possible to customise your homewares and now even your walls! Pretty awesome huh.

Imagine your photos, collages and drawing on fabric and wallpaper, it really is a bit of a dream for me and I am currently drawing like crazy and cant wait to see my designs on fabric and wallpaper! As usual I have more ideas than time or patience but I will get there...

So I was lucky [ randomly] to go to their HQ in Durham in North Carolina when I was overseas in August. My sister in law lives down the road in Raleigh so we went for a road trip one day and the lovely team showed me around! The offices were lovely, with artworks everywhere and fun colourful projects adorning the space.

It was great, I saw it all in action from the printers to the drying and the packing. It was quiet amazing watching blank fabric being printed on with so many unique designs, so clever....

Some photos they very kindly let me take:

I would recommend checking out the website and blog. Very awesome stuff.


Miss K-T x

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New York Elegant Fabrics - Fabric Heaven

Hello on this Sunny day!

We are coming to the end of the New York posts, only a few more things to share with you... but this is a good little gem if you like fabric which I do. There is no website for this shop as I doubt they need one really! It is one of many fabric shops in the garment district of NYC which as you imagine there are lots of..

But, this one was massive, a huge warehouse of fabrics that went on for miles... there was everything you can possible imagine. I could list a whole bunch of fabrics but I don't think I need to, I wills how you...

The bottom 5 photos are the treats I came away with, amazing yellow and white polka dot netting!! I cant wait to use them to make some bright accessories and home wares.. I am thinking it would make a fabulous hanging pennant.. over something else fun and colourful! I have some awesome tropical ribbons that would make cute bag ties with the yellow..... Springy goodness. Watch this space. x

Hope you have enjoyed the shop delights and found it inspiring...
Happy days.
Miss K-T x

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tinsel Trading - Emporium Of Goodness.

Hello Awesome people,

Today I have another New York treat for your eyes, I found this gem through the 'The Stylists guide to New York' by Sibella Court which was given to me before I left [ Thank you :)]

What a great book.... I carried it around wishing to go to every shop she writes about. This is one of her faves and I could see why as it was full of creative projects waiting to happen.

Tinsel Trading Floor to ceiling adornments of beauty.... Roller ladders sweeping across the floor, it's like a library for ribbons and fabric flowers alike. I literally didn't know where to look, crafters heaven.. hanging letters, giant flowers, glitter initials, every ribbon colour texture and fabric you can imagine.. A whole wall of boxes[ HEAVEN!!] that come out and display families of colour in the shape of flowers, bows, numbers , letters and more.. My mum would go mad here...

At the back was my favourite bit, the cabinet of curiosities.... A treasure trove of the unknown... opening each drawer was a new surprise whether it be coke bottle lids from the 70's or old ticket stubs from the 50's it was a pleasure to look at. There were vintage spools [ which I bought a sparking pink thread from], there were pieces of wood, there were tins, there were boxes. There was SO much stuff. But it wasn't a mess, it was a beautiful showcase of colour, texture and product.

I think I would quite happily live here, I would defiantly enjoy working there as you would be surrounded by creative beauty all day long [ and have lunch in the garment district which I think would be pretty fun] There was a workshop of sorts upstairs where Wendy Addison  makes her creations, she uses found and forgotten things to create whimsical artworks and much much more....

I took so many photos in this shop so here are the best...

I am loving re-looking at these photos and feeling all the inspiration I did when I was in this shop, if you ever find yourself in NYC it is a must see place... take money and a mental notebook :)


K-T x