Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My 30th Gift from a Bestie. x

Hi hi!

Happy Wednesday!

I just had to share these images with you as my 30th gift from one of my best friends was related to the blog so I thought I should share it.. and it was a RAD and very awesome gift, well bag of gifts to be precise.

As you may or may not know we were lucky enough to spend our 30th's together, it is rare gift that two friends get to have back to back birthdays and it was lovely to spend it with her, as we are currently so far away from each other. BOO. Don't make me cry today I am hungover and delicate.

So..... what she did was make me a 'Birthday bag of inspiration' the bag it all came in is awesome enough, a selfridges Yellow initial bag.... it was full of pink streamers and a cute hand stamped tag.

It in were items from artists and designers I have blogged about..... how cool is that! Such a great idea. When I opened the fist item, a gorgeous mug from Belle and Boo, I said oh how funny I blogged about her once.... and it went one and I twigged and then it was like ooh what will be next! So I got as said a mug and card from Belle and Boo, An assortment of vintage things from Pomme de Jour, An wooden apple brooch from Sketch inc, A blue knotted necklace from Elfina, and a fabulous fat book by Charley Harper, that was the ultimate one... everything was wrapped beautifully in pink tissue paper and it was like pass the parcel. BUT ONLY I WOULD WIN!

All this was happening in Brooklyn Bridge park, a sweet little park under the bridge! Funny that . We had a lovely picnic looking back at NYC.

Thank you Lula for bag of fun and goregous things to wear and have. I love them all. x



So gorgeous, So fun and So Unique.
Thanks Lula. xx
Miss K-T x


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