Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tinsel Trading - Emporium Of Goodness.

Hello Awesome people,

Today I have another New York treat for your eyes, I found this gem through the 'The Stylists guide to New York' by Sibella Court which was given to me before I left [ Thank you :)]

What a great book.... I carried it around wishing to go to every shop she writes about. This is one of her faves and I could see why as it was full of creative projects waiting to happen.

Tinsel Trading Floor to ceiling adornments of beauty.... Roller ladders sweeping across the floor, it's like a library for ribbons and fabric flowers alike. I literally didn't know where to look, crafters heaven.. hanging letters, giant flowers, glitter initials, every ribbon colour texture and fabric you can imagine.. A whole wall of boxes[ HEAVEN!!] that come out and display families of colour in the shape of flowers, bows, numbers , letters and more.. My mum would go mad here...

At the back was my favourite bit, the cabinet of curiosities.... A treasure trove of the unknown... opening each drawer was a new surprise whether it be coke bottle lids from the 70's or old ticket stubs from the 50's it was a pleasure to look at. There were vintage spools [ which I bought a sparking pink thread from], there were pieces of wood, there were tins, there were boxes. There was SO much stuff. But it wasn't a mess, it was a beautiful showcase of colour, texture and product.

I think I would quite happily live here, I would defiantly enjoy working there as you would be surrounded by creative beauty all day long [ and have lunch in the garment district which I think would be pretty fun] There was a workshop of sorts upstairs where Wendy Addison  makes her creations, she uses found and forgotten things to create whimsical artworks and much much more....

I took so many photos in this shop so here are the best...

I am loving re-looking at these photos and feeling all the inspiration I did when I was in this shop, if you ever find yourself in NYC it is a must see place... take money and a mental notebook :)


K-T x

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