Friday, February 22, 2013

Blank Goods - Supplies & Inspiration

Happy Friday!

This week has been going far too long for my liking.... Roll on the weekend!

One thing that brightened my week was this parcel that came in the post..... I won a competition on Instagram [ @shiztastic for those who don't follow or know.] I just happened to see this comp and entered and was one of 3 winners.... So lucky! x

You wont believe the gorgeous stuff I received, what a fabulous company. I will definitely be buying from them, once my supplies have run out that is!

You can check out their website here.

Started by Graphic Designer Danie Pout, Blank goods is a company that sources, sells and inspires... there are so many awesome bright and fun things I didn't know which to choose to show you! Literally everything is cute and gorgeous so I urge you to take a look....

As for my parcel, I was so excited to open it.... check out the images below to see what I got and what I chose to show you that they sell..... It was one of the best things I have ever received in the post!! I am the biggest fan of the heart and red and pink is my fave colour combo so the below was really just like being a kid in a candy store :)

My Treats:

Other treats and Inspirational ideas:

I urge you to buy all your wrapping, stamping and cute paper goods from them! They were so genrous to give away such a great gif6t and I am super happy to have won it!

I will share pictures of what I do with it all!


Katy x

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Daily Telegraph Home - Sweets Workshop


So Yesterday I was looking through the Daily Telegraph 'Home' section and guess what.. I saw my  Stitchester Church ' St Needles' soft sculpture and a monochrome heart cushion in an article on the awesome Sweets Workshop, the fabulous shop and one of my stockists in Summer Hill.

How exciting,  I think that's my first piece of official press.... I am so happy to have been included in the list of names Artists. Even if they spelt my name wrong... Kathy Dee.... Oh well!

I love The Sweets Workshop, not only are Emma and John really lovely and talented Artists themselves, the shop is full of gorgeous things and it's a pleasure to visit to get something really special. So well done guys!

Here is the article:

I can't make it any bigger as things get in the way! But I do get listed as one of the artists there.

I just wanted to share this!

Katy x

Monday, February 18, 2013

Stampel - Wooden Bright Delight

Mondays are such dull days, often busy but I feel they need brightening with something fun!

Stampel is an amazing Design company based in Bendigo, Victoria. I have been a fan of for a while now so thought it was about time I shared the goodness. It is the design product of Andrea and Stampel is the label name she works under. It is Swedish for stamp, how cool is that?! She came to have that name after a trip to Japan and a wood block printing obsession, and her love for Swedish design [ which I understand and share]

Her work is bright, bold and the below has a fantastic 80's colour and pattern theme which is a personal fave of mine! No wonder I love it all. With a background in Textiles you can see where she her inspiration and skills from.

She likes to work with reclaimed materials and Sustainability is very important. Eco friendly and  all round awesome I'd say.

Her blog can be found here

Enjoy the bright and wonderful delights below: I must say I think I would like a little piece of everything! Am loving the wall jewellery hangers.


Happy Monday!


Katy x

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Love Day

Happy Valentines!

A ridiculous day I agree but I can hardly let the day go by with sharing images of hearts, Love and all things Pink and Red, only my favourite colour combination. Sickening I am aware but at least I am not being gushy and sharing pictures of what I have received [ which will be nothing!]

So I hope your day is full of pretty things or if not enjoy these....


Gorgeous Felt hearts from Sweet PB
The Totally amazing and I want right now perspex heart vase by Helsy at LOVESTAR
Immensely lovable washi tape from Little Paper Lane. I would like everything wrapped in this please.
These wooden cuties are by a lovely shop called So little Time
This little one is made by me, a card wrapped in a doily envelope. Really manly I know.
Have a great day, find your sweetheart and give them a kiss!
x Katy x

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stylists Garage Sale.

Hello and Happy Tuesday.
So I thought I would share my thrifty finds from the weekend that was...
This weekend there was a rather epic Stylists Garage sale hosted by the wonderful Megan morton at The School It coincided with Koskela 1st Birthday Party and made for a weekend of snow cones, fun and for me shopping...
There were some great stalls there with a mix of interiors, props, Artwork and fabrics from awesome design and styling peeps including.. Rachel Castle Sunday Collector
Jason Grant Tamara Maynes Sophie The Lydia Jane Saunders Heidi Moore -Gill and of course Megan herself.
Over the 2 days I picked up some real treasures including a glass bell jar, cake stand and Lolly jar.. A set of wooden houses, a vintage juice jug, leather scraps,  vintage puzzle, a fascinator, 5 pineapple hangers and a heart shaped pink mixing bowl!
I am now re-arranging to fit things in.. I should have had a stall instead of going to it...
Did you have a weekend of thrifting? What treats did you find?

Here is what I found:


Katy x

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fruityness Friday

So.. As you may or may not know we are doing no booze February so last night I made a delicious jug of fruityness....

Half an apple
Half a pear
Handful of lychees
Bunch of Mint
Pear, passionfruit & Orange juice
Sparkling water

Mix it all up and serve with some fun straws... a refreshing and fun Friday drink, all I could think was about how delicious some vodka or rum would be in it...  oh well, not long..

Try it! Mix in any fruits or juice.. YUM.


Katy x