Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Daily Telegraph Home - Sweets Workshop


So Yesterday I was looking through the Daily Telegraph 'Home' section and guess what.. I saw my  Stitchester Church ' St Needles' soft sculpture and a monochrome heart cushion in an article on the awesome Sweets Workshop, the fabulous shop and one of my stockists in Summer Hill.

How exciting,  I think that's my first piece of official press.... I am so happy to have been included in the list of names Artists. Even if they spelt my name wrong... Kathy Dee.... Oh well!

I love The Sweets Workshop, not only are Emma and John really lovely and talented Artists themselves, the shop is full of gorgeous things and it's a pleasure to visit to get something really special. So well done guys!

Here is the article:

I can't make it any bigger as things get in the way! But I do get listed as one of the artists there.

I just wanted to share this!

Katy x

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