Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Love Day

Happy Valentines!

A ridiculous day I agree but I can hardly let the day go by with sharing images of hearts, Love and all things Pink and Red, only my favourite colour combination. Sickening I am aware but at least I am not being gushy and sharing pictures of what I have received [ which will be nothing!]

So I hope your day is full of pretty things or if not enjoy these....


Gorgeous Felt hearts from Sweet PB
The Totally amazing and I want right now perspex heart vase by Helsy at LOVESTAR
Immensely lovable washi tape from Little Paper Lane. I would like everything wrapped in this please.
These wooden cuties are by a lovely shop called So little Time
This little one is made by me, a card wrapped in a doily envelope. Really manly I know.
Have a great day, find your sweetheart and give them a kiss!
x Katy x

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