Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Nostalgic Easter


Easter is upon us, and I wanted to share a memory!

I remember getting these beautiful eggs for Easter, the outside was an egg shaped box made of cardboard that was decorated in a few ways. Inside was a mixture of delicate mini wooden painted eggs on strings so you can hang them up, little chicks and yellow shredded paper.

Then you get a whole heap of twigs and make a tree to hang them from. It's cute and looks great.

I was very little, I can see the photo of me in my head.. On the bed with a blond bowl cut and the treats in my hands. I hope little children still receive things like this for Easter and not just chocolate!

Obviously we too had Easter egg hunts later in life which resulted in finding eggs until November as my mum used to forget where they were hidden! That was mainly due to the fact that she is a hoarder just like me and the house is full of places to hide things!

So bright, fun and a little bit twee. x

The daffodils are just for fun as I am feeling Spring sick for England! I do love all the colours of Spring. But for me it is Autumn so I am awaiting scarves and beautiful park days with a cooler pinch to the air! x
Happy Easter!
Katy x