Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Learn To Sew With Me At 'The School'


Happy Winter vibes to you all, I am enjoying the scarf wearing weather...

I am pleased to share that I will be teaching a kids sewing workshop at 'The School' It is a 2 week programme that has been put together by Megan Morton and the lovely Amanda Lonsdale from 'Stay Golden Now'

It comprises of some very awesome people teaching some fabulous crafty things.. see the full calender here.

I wish I was a kid on school holidays so I could learn how to make folk craft with Little Nicki or do printmaking with Briar Stanley.. believe me the line up is AMAZING.

So I will be teaching some little people basic sewing techniques which quite frankly I am nervous about! But I have 2 fab projects lined up and they will go home with some super cute handmade treats to show off to their friends and hopefully start a long love affair with sewing!

I have always liked the idea of teaching, so I guess we are about to find out if I am any good?!!

I will be Mrs Dee. Sounds rather fitting actually as my mother in law was taught to sew by her mother in law, Mrs Dee, A Tailor in the 20's. I think I have a lot to live up to..

Anyway enough family history, An idea of what the kids will be making..

So wish me luck! My day is Friday 5th July, to book your lucky kid in, come here!

A nervous Mrs Dee x

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