Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Day As Mrs Dee - A Sewing Introduction Class


So I know this was now ages ago but I have been overseas and am now back and raring to go!

My last post was about the upcoming day of teaching sewing, so I thought I would share a few photos of the day itself. I barely got time to take any. Kids are exhausting!! It was a pretty fun and manic day, the kids had fun though and all came away with something they had made which is great!

I wish I had taken more but I was being pulled in every which way by the kids and even my coffee went cold! I loved it though; watching their minds work and how they put things together was fascinating.

A few had a great eye for colour combo's and were very savvy.... young designers in the making...

We did 2 projects, one was a fabric scrap keychain which they embellished with fun buttons and the other was a mini house softie which they got to choose the colours and fabrics for.

Just a few shots of the fun day we had:


And I will be doing another class at the September camp which is great! Date is not set yet but keep your eyes on The School's website for details.
I'll be back soon with my Travel Adventures from London and the beautiful south coast of England.
Much love!
Katy x

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