Friday, September 27, 2013

Last Chance - School Holiday Camp!


Happy Friday.

The School Holiday Craft Camp starts next week so last chance to book your kids into a fun packed week of crafty goodness!

Here is a little video of the last one The School did and I am in it for just a brief moment! It really was a fun day and I would reccommend any parent to encourage their little ones to come and enjoy the crafty wealth and fun that is on offer!



Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Balcony Herbden - Paradise on your Porch.

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

I have been very excited about building a herb garden on balcony and now spring has sprung we can do it.... We just have to hope the big fat caterpillar doesn't get to them again... I am just hoping there is a beautiful butterfly full of our mint flying around!

Ideally I want to get hold of a pallet and build one up from the ground against the wall... I love these ideas below.. It looks pretty simple, just need to find the pallet, choose herbs and flowers and plant.

The dream:


Sadly I don't yet seem to have inherited Mumra's green fingers as I have said before but I am trying! I am determined not to kill this lot.

So off we headed to get the seedlings and some pots for the strawberry plants. We have Mint, chives, rosemary, rocket, coriander, basil, thyme and oregano for now... I got a bit excited and wanted to buy allsorts. Small steps, you are not a gardener.. yet.

The current reality: Along with my fabric tassle garland...

Sally and Steve the Strawberry plants:

I will be making some cute little signs for the herbs so we don't forget what they are... by making just some mini chalkboards or mini flags.

I have this idea [vision] about one day when we have garden, I will get stones from the beach and paint on them the vegetable or fruit that the seed will grow into so you know where you have planted them and there is a little stone with the fruit or veg on! I think we did it as kids....

Anyway I hope this has inspired you to grow some herbs on your balcony, in a boot or a jar or anywhere you can. Imagine all the fresh pesto! And all grown by YOU.



Friday, September 20, 2013

Wollondilly River Bush Camp Crafts

Happy Friday!

So this is a slightly unusual post as it's a bit outdoorsy but it did involve crafting so I thought it was worth a share..

Last weekend we went to the most amazing place, Wollondilly. Yes it really exists, it is run by Brian and Ina and it a crazy, quirky outside office shack run haven of beauty. Nestled in a beautiful and vast valley, a 45km dusty rocky off road leads you to bliss. [Although at 8pm on a Friday night was fairly terrifying.]

Ina makes homemade jams and also sells strawberry and raspberry plants which I bought home, hopefully not to kill on our balcony but we'll see. A bargain at $5 for 2! Love a bargain…. On teh Jam front I went for 'Ina's wild apple jelly' Scrumptious.

They also sell old school cast iron camp ovens which as you can see can get pretty hot.... very cool though, homemade curry cooked on coals. In my books that is pretty awesome. They also sell a cook book that Ina wrote… like does it get any better?

We decided to do some bushcraft [hmmm...] not like that. We weaved with vines and made a little mat. Too small to do much with but fun all the same!

On our drive home we decided to take the scenic coast road and stopped at the Robertson Cheese Factory! Which as well as selling cheese, has an awesome vintage parade of shops where the pile of cute vintage hankies came from! As well as some other bits…..

We will definitely be going back and I highly recommend a trip.. here are some snippets:

Ooh it just makes me want to be huddled around that camp fire again with marshmallows and wine.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Florence Broadhurst - The Enchanted Forest

If you are free this weekend I would highly recommend going to see the Florence Broadhurst exhibition at the David Jones on market street, Sydney.

It is their interpretation of a floral display based on her beautiful wallpaper designs.

Florence Broadhurst was an amazing woman with quite a story, a very eccentric and talented creative of the broadest sense. Born in Queensland, 1899, she travelled all over the world singing and dancing before worked on until her tragic death in 1977. She was murdered in her studio, which to this day still remains an unsolved case.

The Wallpaper designs were bold bright and flamboyant, matching her wild personality. They were vivid, rich and luxurious. She had clients all over the world and it was very a prestigious brand to own.

A company called Signature Prints now continue in her footsteps, they are the proud custodians of the extraordinary design library and they own the exclusive world-wide license to this iconic library.

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday but it is really breathtaking to see, it is only until Sunday 14th September so get down there!

All the window displays are prrety great to but they didn't photograph well. It needs to be seen to be appreciated.


So pretty!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kids Craft Camp - Make An Ice Cream Softie With Me!

Exciting News!

I will be playing teacher again [poor kids!] at The School, Holiday Camp run by Megan Morton and the crew there. There is a fantastic line up up teachers and they can all be found here.

Highlights include Xanthe Highfield doing a Pinata Project, Carine Thevenau doing Photography, Sophie The doing French 101, Candy Sparkles doing Terrariums and Stefanie Ingram doing a Floral Frenzy and me Katy Dee doing my Om Nom Nom Cushion!

Katy Dee’s Sewing Club class is about learning the first things kids need to know on how to sew! It is on Thursday 3rd of October.

The day consists of 2 projects, both using bright and bold colourful fabrics. The first is a fun ‘shaped’ felt needle book where they will learn how to start, finish and sew on a button. Plus they get a cool place to keep their needles for future awesome projects.
The second is an Ice Cream softie, large or small. The kids will get to choose the ‘flavour’ and decorate it with the sprinkles of their choice! It’s a super fun day and they will come away with a skill that will inspire them creatively and hopefully start a lifelong love for fabrics, sewing and above all making things.
Sneek peek pictures....


So if you know anyone with kids from 6+ who want to learn some sewing basics then take a look!
Katy xx

Monday, September 9, 2013

Round Up Of The Round House With SET.

Howdy Do on on Monday!

I thought I'd share a few snaps from Market Day on Saturday... I met some great people and we had fun. I bought a few lovely things and got a pressie for my bestie's bub [currently growing] and the lovely Teresa from Ena & Albert is custom making me a necklace which I am super excited about, I have chosen very bright and bold colours.. for summer and because well I love the brights. I will share it once it's done. Yippee.

The roundhouse was a great venue and the staff were wonderful, good tunes too! A huge thank you to Saunthra from Topaz Turtle as the Captain of our team, [the Sydney Etsy Team] for the massive effort of organising it.

I was selling mainly softs, lots of geometric shaped cushions and vintage fabric cushions. Some Fruity broches and cake softies, I was quite happy with how it looked but I think next time I should do it without the table... thoughts?

R O U N D H O U S E    R O U N D    U P . . .


Thank you to those that came and said hello, especially to Jess who came early and manned the stall, leafletted [word?!] and bought apples! And as for Jums, well he accepted this as part of his job as hubbletron but I was very pleased with his choice of flower, aren't they beautiful?! Even though he then buggered off down the pub.... fair play.

Hope your Monday is flying!

Katy x

Monday, September 2, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

Hello on this beautiful Spring day, or Autumn for those in the Northern Hemisphere!

This weekend I hosted my first Crunch. Yes it was a Crafting Brunch. We made breakfast burritos with lots of delcious homemade goodies, lime and mint water, a big pot of Tea and I was most pleased I got to use my Strawberry bowl set for the first time with a yummy watermelon, strawberry and nectarine affair! Eventually we got to the crafting.....

I am busy making products for next week's market, mainly using vintage fabrics and pom poms to make Bright & Bold homewares such as fun shaped cushions, pinny's and accessories alike.... I am making a giant floor cushion with pom pom trim too which I can't wait to finish. As usual I have left it to the last minute and have more ideas than time.... I also finished a commission for gift to a new family, a framed artwork which I am quite pleased with so I thought I'd share it with you! Well just a snippet.

Anyway, here are some pictures to brighten up Monday! x

Oh yeah and I bought this hilarious and amazing trolley from IKEA..... I have been mocked but I think it's great and soon enough we will all have one!!
Katy x