Monday, September 9, 2013

Round Up Of The Round House With SET.

Howdy Do on on Monday!

I thought I'd share a few snaps from Market Day on Saturday... I met some great people and we had fun. I bought a few lovely things and got a pressie for my bestie's bub [currently growing] and the lovely Teresa from Ena & Albert is custom making me a necklace which I am super excited about, I have chosen very bright and bold colours.. for summer and because well I love the brights. I will share it once it's done. Yippee.

The roundhouse was a great venue and the staff were wonderful, good tunes too! A huge thank you to Saunthra from Topaz Turtle as the Captain of our team, [the Sydney Etsy Team] for the massive effort of organising it.

I was selling mainly softs, lots of geometric shaped cushions and vintage fabric cushions. Some Fruity broches and cake softies, I was quite happy with how it looked but I think next time I should do it without the table... thoughts?

R O U N D H O U S E    R O U N D    U P . . .


Thank you to those that came and said hello, especially to Jess who came early and manned the stall, leafletted [word?!] and bought apples! And as for Jums, well he accepted this as part of his job as hubbletron but I was very pleased with his choice of flower, aren't they beautiful?! Even though he then buggered off down the pub.... fair play.

Hope your Monday is flying!

Katy x

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