Friday, September 20, 2013

Wollondilly River Bush Camp Crafts

Happy Friday!

So this is a slightly unusual post as it's a bit outdoorsy but it did involve crafting so I thought it was worth a share..

Last weekend we went to the most amazing place, Wollondilly. Yes it really exists, it is run by Brian and Ina and it a crazy, quirky outside office shack run haven of beauty. Nestled in a beautiful and vast valley, a 45km dusty rocky off road leads you to bliss. [Although at 8pm on a Friday night was fairly terrifying.]

Ina makes homemade jams and also sells strawberry and raspberry plants which I bought home, hopefully not to kill on our balcony but we'll see. A bargain at $5 for 2! Love a bargain…. On teh Jam front I went for 'Ina's wild apple jelly' Scrumptious.

They also sell old school cast iron camp ovens which as you can see can get pretty hot.... very cool though, homemade curry cooked on coals. In my books that is pretty awesome. They also sell a cook book that Ina wrote… like does it get any better?

We decided to do some bushcraft [hmmm...] not like that. We weaved with vines and made a little mat. Too small to do much with but fun all the same!

On our drive home we decided to take the scenic coast road and stopped at the Robertson Cheese Factory! Which as well as selling cheese, has an awesome vintage parade of shops where the pile of cute vintage hankies came from! As well as some other bits…..

We will definitely be going back and I highly recommend a trip.. here are some snippets:

Ooh it just makes me want to be huddled around that camp fire again with marshmallows and wine.


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