Friday, October 11, 2013

Southwood Stores - Shop Love

Happy Friday!

So, I am a big instagram fan.. [@shiztastic] I can't help it, it is packed full of gorgeous styling and fab craft things and every now and again you stumble across a new shop or designer and then you find yourself trawling through their photos and falling essentially, in love.

I am thinking about myself opening an online shop [one day I will have the real bricks and mortar but for now...] selling my stuff as well as sourced craft, design and vintage products. Just an idea at the mo but this shop has totally inspired and motivated me!

It is called Southwood Stores, UK based. You will find quirky, Scandinavian influenced gifts and homewares handpicked by Hayley herself, I think we have very similar tastes which is why I love her store so much! She is stocking some of my favourite UK Illustrators and designers such as Jane Foster and Laura Gee. It is just jam packed with fabulous homewares, stationary and giftware and lots of cute stuff for kids.

Here are a few of my favourite things currently in the shop:

So if you like shopping for awesome and unique stuff, check out Southwood Stores! I wish Hayley lots of success, I think her shop is fabulous.

She also has a fab BLOG

Go find FAB gifts for you and your home!

And have a good weekend!


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