Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Village Of Stitchester Is Open!

Well hello.

I have finally opened Stitchester's shop on Etsy. For those who don't know what Stitchester is, here is the story:

The idea for Stitchester was inspired by the quaint villages and market towns in my homeland of Sussex in England.

I created the whimsical, wonderful and delightfully tactile world of Stitchester, a quiet little village where the houses are soft and the streets are sewn. I want people to feel like they are strolling down it's handmade high street where they will find cakes and ice creams from the Lolly shop or a rosy apple from the green grocers.

Everything is made from fabrics both vintage and new, floral and kitsch - each piece is a unique one off soft sculpture.

Not everything in the village is quite as it seams, you will find cakes bigger than trees and a house the size of a child. You will also find things to wear and sit on as well as Illustrations of the village.

It all started as an exhibition in 2012 and the ideas have been growing ever since. I wanted to create a fictional fabric village where these ideas were real in fabric for me, and to make a tactile experience for others.

Stitchester combines my love of fabrics with playful design, Illustration and most of all, FUN. I like thinking up whimsical, bright and oversized things I could make and I have many more ideas in my sewing box....

You can find the interview I did for the exhibition at Sweets Workshop here.

And if you would like to stroll through the village of Stitchester on Etsy, please do here. I don't know why it has taken me so long to do it, it feels very exciting to be live on there again!

Hope you like it,

The Lady of Stitchester ;)


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