Friday, December 6, 2013

Finders Keepers Market - Spring/Summer 2013

So for those of you who have been under a rock perhaps haven't heard that it is the Finders Keepers markets this weekend?!

Starting tonight with bands, a bar and all the stalls open! I don't know about you but I am quiet ready for a drink!

To me it's a bit of a dream evening, booze, live music and shopping for handmade gifts.. HELLO. I am hoping to get a few christmas gifts and chat to some local and not so local designers.

I love the posters for this season's market, made by Super Trooper studio . They are super bright and colourful.. all their work is beautiful so check out their shop too!

As always there is a huge list of amazing designers, I would recommend just going along to see them all! You will find a list online.

As well as handmade products including jewellery, textiles, ceramics and artwork there is also a farmers lane featuring local produce from other Australian creative peeps.

Also there are workshops running which is an awesome new edition!

Tmod are holding a bonbon making one, no need to book you can turn up with a special aknick knack to put in there and make yourslef a bon bon or 2... They will also be selling the kits. Fabness.

Another fab workshop going on is being held by Work Shop , Terrarium making which I might be tempting by!I am a bit of a fan... and what a bargain at $20, materials included.

So, get yourself down there for the craft market event of the season!

Friday is upon us people!

Have fun. Go get inspired.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Scott and Charlene Robinson - A possible return?!.

Ok so a little different to my usual posts but I couldn't not talk about this!

So while I admit I don't watch it anymore I was [obviously] a huge Neighbours fan back in the day and Scott and Charlene were the epitome of cool... their wedding being one of the most watched weddings on TV! Mainly I feel due to the awesomeness of Angry Anderson. I still not regret playing it at our wedding! Ha ha.

Anyway, the word on the 'street' is that the auditions have begun to find their son! He will be coming back to see Erinsborough, the cosy neighbourhood where his parents fell in love!


His name is Daniel Robinson, they are looking for a young 20 something to play him.. really wishing I was a male actress ten years younger right now because quite frankly there would be no cooler character to play than Kylie and Jason's son! Come on......

Let's just take a minute to appreaciate these Golden or should I say NEON moments of Fashion and style:

And as Kylie is back in Australia next year to do a TV show maybe there is a chance of a cameo role? The 30th anniversary is looming so who better to come back?

Hope you enjoyed! If not, I can't apologise.. it's the British in me you see.

K x

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Design Files Open House


It's Monday but don't fear there is light at the end of the tunnel... in the shape of the Design Files Open House, Sydney.

So for those who don't read The Design Files, I would reccommend doing so....It is Australia's most popular Design blog and is read by thousands of people every day. It is Art, Craft, Design, Interviews, Food and so much more.

So the Open house is basically a showroom of everything Design, It is the Ulimate Australian home! They have handpicked suppliers to showcase their work and a list can be found here. And best of all EVERYTHING is for sale from the rug you walk on to the glasses on the table and the artwork on the wall! FABULOUS.

Most of the suppliers are independant artists and designers so this is a really exciting way to find local and Australian makers.

Here are a few of my favourite Designers and makers who are being showcased:




I hope to see some of you there, I can't wait!