Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Scott and Charlene Robinson - A possible return?!.

Ok so a little different to my usual posts but I couldn't not talk about this!

So while I admit I don't watch it anymore I was [obviously] a huge Neighbours fan back in the day and Scott and Charlene were the epitome of cool... their wedding being one of the most watched weddings on TV! Mainly I feel due to the awesomeness of Angry Anderson. I still not regret playing it at our wedding! Ha ha.

Anyway, the word on the 'street' is that the auditions have begun to find their son! He will be coming back to see Erinsborough, the cosy neighbourhood where his parents fell in love!


His name is Daniel Robinson, they are looking for a young 20 something to play him.. really wishing I was a male actress ten years younger right now because quite frankly there would be no cooler character to play than Kylie and Jason's son! Come on......

Let's just take a minute to appreaciate these Golden or should I say NEON moments of Fashion and style:

And as Kylie is back in Australia next year to do a TV show maybe there is a chance of a cameo role? The 30th anniversary is looming so who better to come back?

Hope you enjoyed! If not, I can't apologise.. it's the British in me you see.

K x

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