Friday, January 31, 2014

Mckean Studio

Hello and happy Friday!

Today I thought I would do a little label crushing. I am a big fan of these guys, The Mckean Studio a husband and wife team who make awesome fun textile goods and softies.

Hugely inspired by their travels are the 'souvenir scarves' which are beautiful. Hand drawn by Megan with ink and digitally coloured then digitally printed onto a silk cotton mix. They are super fun and look fab!

They also make softies from drawings which is cool, I am always partial to a softie :) They are tasty looking....

I met them at the December The Finders Keepers market which was lovely, it is nice to chat face to face to people who you chat to in the online world :) You have to introduce yourself [in my case] by saying, ''Hi, I'm shiztastic!'' which can sound a bit odd and you have to hope they know who you are. Embarrassing otherwise really.

They are currently part of the very cool The club of odd volumes which rotates artists and prints their designs onto allsorts of mediums incuding tote bags and cushions... Rad huh?! I am pretty keen to get involved with this myself..

I am a bit of a fan of the London and Sydney one.. both places are also close to my heart.

Look at these, so good:


I look forward to more goodness from these guys this year! Their website is also very awesome so go check it out and buy yourself a souvenir scarf from your favourite city...

Enjoy your weekend.

K x

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Camp Craft Weekend - Pomtastic ♥

Camping are Crafting are made for each other, just like cheese and pineapple.

For the long weekend a bunch of us headed down to Wollondilly for a weekend of bush camping, river swimming, fires and for some of us, craft.

It is the most amazing place to camp, huge sites with very little people and the all sites are along the river with your own camp fireplace. It is very basic so don't go there expecting shower blocks and bbq stations... Oh no, it is you, the fire and the stars. Pretty magical, but don't tell everybody. Don't worry, there are toilets.

What is better than being rugged up with a roaring fire, eating toasted marshmallows and playing with sparklers while stargazing? NOTHING.

I have decided it is time to learn how to knit, I took an enormous bag of wool and a book BUT I got side tracked and ended up making about 45 pom poms! I am going to make them into a rug because I think that will be pretty awesome.

It's easy to get really into colour mixing and patterns within the pom poms, it's rather addictive and I got very excited when I found a new way to do something or worked out how to make a certain shape within the pom.

I even made a giant one with the bbq tongs, I am now on a mission to make an enormous one! Any ideas?

There was also a little 'Pom Pom Shoot' which I enjoyed a lot!
For lunch I made a delicious greek cob, I had seen this recipe in the coles magazine ages ago and really wanted to have a go.. it was awesome! Just layers of stuff inside a cob :) Yum.

Here are a few snaps from the weekend...

Happy Camping for the summer season, remember to take a project!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Supergraph - A Graphic Extravaganza


Ah Melbourne you lucky thing, the weekend of the 14th-16th February at the Royal exhibition building. Lock it in your diaries as it's going to be a colourful one!

It is an art fair celebrating Illustration, Graphics and Print in all it's glory. It is being described as a 'Fiesta' of graphic art and design.

There will be lots of awesome exhibitors including leading graphic artists as well as emerging designers and there will be limited edition artworks available for all tastes and budgets! FAB.

Also there are workshops, one being run by my crafty friend Kit and masterclasses by Dawn Tan and Madeleine Stamer just to name a few.. so get stuck in and learn something new.

So go forth, be inspired and buy some local ART!

Just a few examples of the artists who will be there:

Laura Blythman:

Sweet William:

Sarah Beetson:


Anya Brock:

Also you can shop online at Supergraph here.
So all you Melbourne peeps have fun!
Happy long weekend ahead!
K x

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sonya Winner - Beware The Bright.

Hello and happy Tuesday!

I stumbled across the most fabulous rugs today, made by a London designer and artist, Sonya Winner. The colours just flew off the screen into my heart! What gorgeous colour combinations and shapes. Shop here.

The rugs show her rare talent for colour blending, the design process involves layering colours and textures by hand to create something truly unique so they are just as much an artwork as a rug itself. She also makes wall hangings and cushions.

The most awesome thing is that these are all handmade in her studio, you can read about the manufacturing here, it is quite fascinating. There are detailed pictures of the process and explanations.

One collection is called 'After Matisse' which I can see the resemblance, striking, graphic, geometric and bold. Just fabulous.

If only I had a wooden floor for one of these beauties to parade upon. One day.

Beware Brightness ahead.

I am sure this has brightened your day and made you think about getting a new rug....

K x

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stampel - Swedish for Stamp!

Well hello!

I thought I would share one of my current label crushes, Stampel. This is swedish for stamp. The lady behind the creative and uber awesome label is Andrea Shaw.

She has a passion for woodblock and printing mixed with a love of swedish design [a personal fave as you know] so what comes out is a glorious craft affair covering a range of materials and products.

Stampel is known for it's unique, colouful, fun and functional things. Bit of an all rounder really. Check out a few of my faves below...

You can buy her things here. x

Beautiful work.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Poppy Prints Birthday

Happy birthday to 'Unikko'!
I am a huge Marimekko fan and follower and this very iconic print from 1964 is 50! I can remember when I went into the flagship store in London for the first time and literally wanted everything. I was mesmersied by colour and patterns.
This print in particular is my favourite, it's my favourite colour combination and I just love the simplicity of the design. Bold, bright and freaking fabulous.
Who couldn't love this, it always makes me smile.
Hope it brightens your day!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Hello and Happy New Year!

I had a lovely festive season and went off the digital radar for a while which was good for me! We went to a festival in QLD called Woodford

The land of Woodfordia, a seriously magical place full of wonderful people. An escape from the real world it was a haven of folk music, comedy, craft and some crazy style! It was a unique and ''utopian'' experience that I would highly recommend to anyone. I heard someone describe Woodford as a state of mind and I agree. Anyone who has been will know what I mean..

To every question the answer is ''Well it is Woodford’’. No outfit is too much or no fairy wing too big. All walks and types of life together having a bloody good time. The real world doesn't exist once inside Woodford, no one cares what you do for a living or how big your house is or how much you earn... If only the real world could be a bit more like Woodford. We could all learn a little from the people of Woodfordia.

There were some stand out moments for me, including when a complete stranger turned to me in a toilet queue to tell me she was proposing to her girlfriend that night [New Year’s Eve] and she showed me the ring and told me she hadn’t shown anyone else! Another was a 3 minutes silence at 11.30 on New Year’s Eve to say goodbye to the year that has passed and get ready to welcome in the one. It sounds very corny but it was really magical, total silence with a bunch of strangers all thinking about one thing or perhaps thinking about absolutely nothing. Also sitting in pouring rain inside a poncho watching Clare Bowditch with thunder and lightning bolts harassing the sky was fairly epic and also fairly breathtaking.

My stand out gig was a set of 6 female solo artists, called Ladies of the Canyon. They each did their favourite Joni Mitchell song! Being a huge Joni fan this was just awesome, 6 very different takes on Joni and each was amazing in their own way. I ended up going to see most of them at their own gigs with my favourite being Australian artist Ange Takats and Canadian artist Rose Cousins. Look them up, incredible beautiful voices and quirk funny women. Ange Takats also has a book called ‘The Buffalo Funeral’ which I bought and already read, it’s about her time in Bangkok as a foreign correspondent and it is a very funny and inspiring read. She has some great stories and writes in a way that invites you in and feels like you were there too.

I have no digital photos as I only took old style film which I have had developed, the below are a few snippets of the magical world of Woodfordia. It actually made me think differently about what we take photos of, well certainly me as I snap all sorts of things. It made me stop and think, is this worth a photograph? Does this image capture something special? It was a great project.

Also they have a theme each year, this year Monsters were the main event.. They would be wandering around the streets and in parades but you must remember not to let them into your heart...


So here's to 2014!

Be fabulous, be happy people.