Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Camp Craft Weekend - Pomtastic ♥

Camping are Crafting are made for each other, just like cheese and pineapple.

For the long weekend a bunch of us headed down to Wollondilly for a weekend of bush camping, river swimming, fires and for some of us, craft.

It is the most amazing place to camp, huge sites with very little people and the all sites are along the river with your own camp fireplace. It is very basic so don't go there expecting shower blocks and bbq stations... Oh no, it is you, the fire and the stars. Pretty magical, but don't tell everybody. Don't worry, there are toilets.

What is better than being rugged up with a roaring fire, eating toasted marshmallows and playing with sparklers while stargazing? NOTHING.

I have decided it is time to learn how to knit, I took an enormous bag of wool and a book BUT I got side tracked and ended up making about 45 pom poms! I am going to make them into a rug because I think that will be pretty awesome.

It's easy to get really into colour mixing and patterns within the pom poms, it's rather addictive and I got very excited when I found a new way to do something or worked out how to make a certain shape within the pom.

I even made a giant one with the bbq tongs, I am now on a mission to make an enormous one! Any ideas?

There was also a little 'Pom Pom Shoot' which I enjoyed a lot!
For lunch I made a delicious greek cob, I had seen this recipe in the coles magazine ages ago and really wanted to have a go.. it was awesome! Just layers of stuff inside a cob :) Yum.

Here are a few snaps from the weekend...

Happy Camping for the summer season, remember to take a project!

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