Friday, January 31, 2014

Mckean Studio

Hello and happy Friday!

Today I thought I would do a little label crushing. I am a big fan of these guys, The Mckean Studio a husband and wife team who make awesome fun textile goods and softies.

Hugely inspired by their travels are the 'souvenir scarves' which are beautiful. Hand drawn by Megan with ink and digitally coloured then digitally printed onto a silk cotton mix. They are super fun and look fab!

They also make softies from drawings which is cool, I am always partial to a softie :) They are tasty looking....

I met them at the December The Finders Keepers market which was lovely, it is nice to chat face to face to people who you chat to in the online world :) You have to introduce yourself [in my case] by saying, ''Hi, I'm shiztastic!'' which can sound a bit odd and you have to hope they know who you are. Embarrassing otherwise really.

They are currently part of the very cool The club of odd volumes which rotates artists and prints their designs onto allsorts of mediums incuding tote bags and cushions... Rad huh?! I am pretty keen to get involved with this myself..

I am a bit of a fan of the London and Sydney one.. both places are also close to my heart.

Look at these, so good:


I look forward to more goodness from these guys this year! Their website is also very awesome so go check it out and buy yourself a souvenir scarf from your favourite city...

Enjoy your weekend.

K x

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  1. Oh Katy, you're such a doll. Thank you for such a lovely write up, it was lovely to meet you at FK! Hopefully we'll see you again this year! x