Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sonya Winner - Beware The Bright.

Hello and happy Tuesday!

I stumbled across the most fabulous rugs today, made by a London designer and artist, Sonya Winner. The colours just flew off the screen into my heart! What gorgeous colour combinations and shapes. Shop here.

The rugs show her rare talent for colour blending, the design process involves layering colours and textures by hand to create something truly unique so they are just as much an artwork as a rug itself. She also makes wall hangings and cushions.

The most awesome thing is that these are all handmade in her studio, you can read about the manufacturing here, it is quite fascinating. There are detailed pictures of the process and explanations.

One collection is called 'After Matisse' which I can see the resemblance, striking, graphic, geometric and bold. Just fabulous.

If only I had a wooden floor for one of these beauties to parade upon. One day.

Beware Brightness ahead.

I am sure this has brightened your day and made you think about getting a new rug....

K x

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