Monday, February 24, 2014

Bonnie & Neil - Textile Studio Paradise

Happy Monday!
Feeling some Label love today for Bonnie & Neil. They have been on my radar for some while now and I just love their work!
They are an Australian independant Textile Design studio and they rock. They make beautiful handcrafted things for your home and believe me they are unique and gorgeous.
Together their backgrounds cover floristry, art, textiles and furniture design so naturally a fusion of their style and skills have made a rather unique and eclectic variety of collections.

Everything they make is made in their Brunswick studio by hand which is fabulous and one thing that makes them so special. There products cover tablecloths, cushions, bedding, wall tiles and furniture. It is a very impressive array of beauties. I just love the wooden & glass 'flower mats', so pretty.
Archipelago is their new collection and it is coming soon! But below are a few faves of mine.... So if you are are after some home inspiration check out the website.

Textile Heaven...
So much goodness going on here and I am sure the next collection will bring a new range of colourful goodies for us to drool over!

May your week be filled with colourful things!

K x

Monday, February 17, 2014

White Night Melbourne - Pom Pom Project with Etsy & CAE.

Hello and happy Monday,

So already looking to next weekend..? Do you live in Melbourne? Do you like making Pom poms?

You know I do...

There is an awesome event going on as part of White Night Melbourne, there are lots of great events but this one caught my eye, I wonder why? It is an all nighter craftathon from 7pm - 7am hosted by Etsy and CAE. You would be building part of a progressive garland of white pom poms.

Wool has kindly been supplied by Panda Wool and there will be templates to help as well as Sarah Mcneil and Kristie Webstyer from Pony Anarchy to assist with the best pomming skills around so don't fear by the end of the night you will be an expert!

So much fun...


Images courtesy of: Etsy, Cubbylove and Milena Crochet

Location: CAE Info Shop

The CAE Info Shop is located at 44 Degraves Street on the corner of Flinders Lane.

You can take a snap of yourself in the Instagram booth at the CAE and use the tags #pompomproject #whitenightmelb

I hope you go along and have some fun making some beautiful pom poms and making new crafty friends!

K x

Friday, February 14, 2014

Looking Out For Love. Big Big Love.

Hello and Happy Valentines Day.

Ah Valentines Day. It's funny thinking about what the day meant as a teenager, secretly wishing for something amazing and film-esque to happen. Well I was anyway, always imagining ridiculous scenario's and hopelessly romantic things and wondering why it never happened to me. I think I watched too many chick flicks and presumed that was reality. In particular I blame 'She's all that' and 'How to lose a guy in ten days' both ridiculous but both totally sucked me in.

I guess in the end I got my own story and met a boy on a bus who ended up becoming my husband which still amuses me.. It's no Disney film but it's good enough for me.

Ridiculous day but it does celebrate my most favourite shape, the heart! so I can't fully ignore it.

I made some big love softies for Sweets Workshop so I thought I would share them with you, I have perfected a super cute shaped pattern and these are the results.

Big Loves.

I hope you all have a lovely Love day!

Big Big Love from me x

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Deer Little Fawn - Friendly Goodness.


Today's post is on a friend's blog that I can't believe I haven't written about before! I met Bethan on a silver smithing course about 7 years ago and despite me moving countries back and forth, twice, we are still great friends. I am glad I sat on the same table as her that night, we bonded over our love for at the time Bows, hearts and all things kitsch. We also realised we both loved treasure hunting and trawling through op-shops is still a big past-time for the both of us!

We have similar passions but very different styles, she always dresses amazingly and has a great collection of accessories! This style is emulated in her own work that she sells in her online shop: The bee and the sea. She is also training to be a tattoo artist which excites me a lot and if I ever decide to actually have one I will be going to her!

One day this lady will be famous. Mark my words.

Her blog is Deer Little Fawn. She finds beautiful products all over the globe that range from stationary, jewellery to home wares. If you are ever looking for a gift for someone check out her blog for inspiration as she finds treasures all over the place! She also shares pictures she has taken, crafty things she has made or things she has found!

I thought I would share a few of her Illustrations below, these are all available in her shop which is UK based but ships everywhere!


She is on Instagram: @deerlittlefawn and is worth following for cuteness, on a personal level I also enjoy snippets of Brighton where she lives in the UK as I do miss that fabulous place..
Miss you B!
Ps, I still wear the 'Heart' ring I made in that course, every day.
K x

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Grounds of Alexandria


I hope your weekend was lovely, we had a very quiet one which involved pootling around, cooking and a swim at Clovelly.

We finally went to The Grounds for lunch and what a delight that place is!

It is very pretty with a cafe -garden that has relaxed sitting areas and lots of little food and drink stands. There is even a florist which sells beautiful posies and plants.


I absolutely love the styling of this place, it has a great feel to it with gorgeous furnishings throughout both in and outside. Being an old pie factory from the early 1900's the interiors are amazing, lots of brickwork and exposed metals making for a very rustic and atmosphere.

It has a very holistic approach to food and drinks, it is sustainable and every day they use fresh herbs from their garden and work with a horticulturalist to grow seasonal produce for the menu which is just fabulous. I had the cured salmon salad with dill and cucumber and it was devine. Very simple fresh flavours which tasted as good as they looked. James had a breakfast burger that he swears is one of the best he has had... believe me this is a big call.

They are also hugely well known for their coffee and this is really the heart of the grounds, they have a huge passion for the science behind it. They select beans from across the globe... they are offering short courses too.

The first weekend of each month they have a market in the sprawling cafe garden, there is live music, arts and crafts and even a pretting zoo featuring Kevin Bacon.. an adorable pig who lives onsite. I have heard there are handmade treats available such as jam, snow cones [!!] pastries and breads.... um YUM. I will be back!!

So if you are looking for somewhere you can spend an afternoon having a delicious bite with friends or family, this place is fabulous.

Oh and the Rose Lemonade is divine. I am pretty keen to try a snow cone.

K x