Friday, February 14, 2014

Looking Out For Love. Big Big Love.

Hello and Happy Valentines Day.

Ah Valentines Day. It's funny thinking about what the day meant as a teenager, secretly wishing for something amazing and film-esque to happen. Well I was anyway, always imagining ridiculous scenario's and hopelessly romantic things and wondering why it never happened to me. I think I watched too many chick flicks and presumed that was reality. In particular I blame 'She's all that' and 'How to lose a guy in ten days' both ridiculous but both totally sucked me in.

I guess in the end I got my own story and met a boy on a bus who ended up becoming my husband which still amuses me.. It's no Disney film but it's good enough for me.

Ridiculous day but it does celebrate my most favourite shape, the heart! so I can't fully ignore it.

I made some big love softies for Sweets Workshop so I thought I would share them with you, I have perfected a super cute shaped pattern and these are the results.

Big Loves.

I hope you all have a lovely Love day!

Big Big Love from me x

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