Monday, February 17, 2014

White Night Melbourne - Pom Pom Project with Etsy & CAE.

Hello and happy Monday,

So already looking to next weekend..? Do you live in Melbourne? Do you like making Pom poms?

You know I do...

There is an awesome event going on as part of White Night Melbourne, there are lots of great events but this one caught my eye, I wonder why? It is an all nighter craftathon from 7pm - 7am hosted by Etsy and CAE. You would be building part of a progressive garland of white pom poms.

Wool has kindly been supplied by Panda Wool and there will be templates to help as well as Sarah Mcneil and Kristie Webstyer from Pony Anarchy to assist with the best pomming skills around so don't fear by the end of the night you will be an expert!

So much fun...


Images courtesy of: Etsy, Cubbylove and Milena Crochet

Location: CAE Info Shop

The CAE Info Shop is located at 44 Degraves Street on the corner of Flinders Lane.

You can take a snap of yourself in the Instagram booth at the CAE and use the tags #pompomproject #whitenightmelb

I hope you go along and have some fun making some beautiful pom poms and making new crafty friends!

K x

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