Monday, March 31, 2014

Autumn Days - Jumbleberry Crumble

Autumn is definitely on it's way so for the Earth Hour Starlight picnic I decided to make a Jumbleberry Crumble! I have learned that is where you use all sorts of fruit, a jumble! My kinda word and as it turns out my kinda pud.

It needed to be gluten free for a friend so I found a recipe on 'Family fresh cooking by Marla Meredith' and adapted it slightly by using a mixture of fruits [plums, pears, apples, raspberries and blueberries!] and I used pecans and sultanas in the crumble topping which were tasty. Oh and I popped a drop of both almond and vanilla essence in, I know, crazy huh!

It was super quick and super delicious, the coconut oil was a great way to bind the crumble mixture and I will definitely be making it again! Thank you Marla! x



Ok so food styling is hard and I have a long way to go! Also there should be a picture of a nice served up piece with ice cream but we took to to eat it in the dark so not this time! But I can promise you it was delicious.

Enjoy x

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Fabric Sneek Peek


So it's Friday! Not that that means a lot to me at the moment as I quit my 'day job' last month so I have decided to try to make more time to design and make. I know I am not alone when I say that it can feel overwhelming to get out there on your own..

So I have lots to do, I need to sort my portfolio out and stop being scared. I am thankful for the words from friends [you know who you are] and the hubbletron and I know I am destined to do more than I currently am creatively speaking!  

So with this in mind I have finally sent off for the first samples from my fabric range....... 

I have been working on a few ideas and have a big project in mind as well as a million other ideas, obviously.

Sneak peek:

Cute huh?!

I now am excited to see the samples, I am using the fabulous Frankie & Swiss in Melbourne.. 

Have a great weekend all!

K x

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Earth Hour 2014 - Starlight Picnic Bondi Beach


Did you know it was Earth Hour 2014 on Saturday 29th March?

Earth Hour is the single largest mass participation event of it's kind in the world and this year the focus is on a very iconic place, The Great Barrier Reef here in Australia. 
It all started here with people turning off your lights for an hour to show you care. It’s now spread to 7001 cities and 152 nations across the globe, inspiring literally billions of people. Pretty awesome right?

I was made aware of this local event by a friend [who inspires me to care more about the planet] that is going on pretty much on our doorstep so I thought I would share it!

Starlight Picnic - Bondi Beach Park

Unplugged music, stargazing, lantern making, fire dancing and a viewing of WWF’s new documentary, It’s Lights Out for the Reef. 

Bring a picnic, blanket, and some friends! I hope to see you there...

This picture was via Gardenista.

So please do your bit this Saturday and just for 1 hour turn off your lights, maybe you could run a bubblebath or read a book by candlelight.... I am sure you can think of things to do with the lights off.....

You might not think it will do anything but it is about coming together to show what can be done TOGETHER and how we can try to solve the climate crisis.
What will you do this Earth Hour? Take the pledge here. K x

Monday, March 24, 2014

Flock Curiosity Assembly - Swoon alert!

Howdy doo,

Autumn is certainly upon us today but don't fear I have some colourful fun to inject into this rainy Monday.

I know I hark on about it but I come across such goodness on instagram, I should probably stop looking and get back to making but it's a great way to find new artists and designers and find new things for my collection. I am pretty much in LOVE right now.

These guys are called Flock Curiosity Assembly and they make handmade resin and mixed media jewellery that is simply AWESOME. 

Based in Melbourne Sarah & Stacey experiment with crazy colours and collage in resin which creates beautiful and quirky results.

Quite frankly they are right up my street!

You can find more images here and shop here. If you are lucky enough to live in Melbourne then get to Rose st markets in Fitzroy as they are there every Saturday 11-5! But Sydneysiders, I know they are heading this way for The Finders Keepers Market 6th and 7th June!

You can also follow them on facebook and instagram 

Sarah: @sahofflock
Stacey @marymary1981flocker

Big love!

K x

Wednesday, March 19, 2014



So I know I have featured some of Lovestar's work before but I realised I haven't done a full post.. I came across her work a long while back now before it shot to fame and have watched it go from strength to strength.. it's now been featured all over the place including House and garden, Yen magazine and The Design Files.

I just LOVE all the pieces, for very obvious reasons.. Bright, bold, fun and kitsch. Ridiculously awesome. Buy fun stuff here!

And all pieces from concept to product are handcrafted in house in Brisbane, how good is that! Always nice to hear.

I know I seem a little excited but just looking at them fills me with joy, how can you be sad? Not possible. Glitter, look at the glitter one.

Ahhh gasp! xx

Follow her on Instagram @lovestarloves for a very pretty feed!

Happy days peeps!

K x

Monday, March 17, 2014

Jelly Time.

Well hello there.
I am totally in love with my new jelly shoes, the colour is awesome and they're surprisingly comfy!
Jelly shoes rock.
Fill your week with some jelly,  both kinds will make you smile!
K x

Friday, March 14, 2014

Laura Gee - London Illustrator

Happy Friday!

I like to keep an eye on what goes on across the pond and obviously they have LOTS of amazing designers and artists residing in the Motherland..

When I was back last I came across an Illustrator by the name of Laura Gee, some of her fun and humorous prints were in a cute shop in Islington called Smug. I was drawn to the 'Fruity' print and did purchase it!

She draws whimsical characters, animals, fruits, whatever takes her fancy. These designs are also printed onto cushions and softies and really brighten up a space while putting a smile on your face. I do have to say I love the swearing big cats... 
Maybe not to everyone's taste but it makes me chuckle. Clearly.

Here is a snippet of the goodness you can find in her shop...

After a beardy man softie? Well now you can get yourself one.

Her work is playful, colourful and sometimes a little sad. She is based in London and gets involved of all sorts of projects, you can read more on her website.

Also check out her shop to purchase something for your wall or sofa or self!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Object Enthusiast


So Instagram has brought joy to me again, I stumbled across a ceramic artist and object designer. She makes stunning work often with gold or foiled looking polka dots! Something I am finding myself drawn to at the moment.

Her name is Emily Reinhardt and she lives in Omaha, Nebraska. Her blog is  The Object Enthusiast.

You can buy her gorgeous creations in her Etsy shop here. And I want pretty much all of them, especially the white with gold dots. Just beautiful, simple looking yet elegant and timeless. I would pop some bright pink and red blooms in there, ARGH.

She ''believes in sentiment, fresh flowers and the people that treasure them too'' How gorgeous.

She was a featured shop on Etsy last year where you can read a full interview with her.

So if you are feeling like you need a new 'object' in your life, home, office, fort then I suggest one of the following!

Gorgeous work, to read and buy more see here.

Happy handmade shopping,

K x

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mini Makeover Time.


Happy Monday! 

So I have been meaning to give the blog a makeover in a while and finally have done so.. I made some new buttons and made a new pattern for the background!

I have lots of plans for the blog and bigger ideas but at least a mini makeover has made a fresh change..

Hope you like it!

Anyway here are a few weekend snippets: Enjoying the last of summer, Fiesta taco night and street finds....

Big love and have a fab week!

K x